Union Education & Immigration has successfully served as a bridging network to connect overseas institutes, agents and consultants with high quality educational institutes in New Zealand.

Overseas Educational Institutes- We can extend collaboration and exchange program with universities, colleges and academies in New Zealand. In addition, full assistance such as accommodation, airport pick up, local guide map and transport information etc is provided to the student upon arrival.

Overseas Consultants/ Agents- We are willing to share the New Zealand agent resource to jointly create a larger market and share the perks. We provide the best support, advice, follow up services and expert guidance on visas application for our partner agencies to explore and expand student recruitment.

Language Training Institutions- We can provide support to increase your product lines such as Study abroad, summer camps, winter camps, individual, or group travel by offering reliable local administration and follow-up services.

Individual/Private Agents- If you have students’ sources, or education agents’ network, then we can provide superior returns to establish long-term cooperation and collaborative development.

Domestic Agents- We provide assistance to local talent agencies and solve any kind of complex visa and migration applications.

Why should you choose UNION EDUCATION & IMMIGRATION services?

We are an IAA full government licensed consultant and provide assistance in any kind of visa applications for New Zealand.

We build the most suitable Immigration and exchange plan with professional advice relevant to the conditions and requirements of our clients.

We hold an extensive experience in handling all types of visas and offer one stop shop for professional guidance on work visas, student visas along with family, entrepreneurs, investment and special case visa.

Having cooperation with majority of educational institutes in New Zealand, we provide the most appropriate path for studying in New Zealand within a limited budget.

Full support and guidance is provided prior and after to the arrival such as living expense, airport pick up, home stay arrangements, Map, List of Important things etc.

Profit sharing is a key advantage of joining your cooperation with us.

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